Campus One80

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower student leaders who are committed to transforming their campuses with the Gospel, one life at a time.

Our Strategy

We go where the students are. This means we are present on college campuses, building relationships as we interact with people.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have these communities train student leaders, promote justice, and relate students to local churches.

Our Values


We exist to connect with each other as we seek to connect with God.


We provide freedom and flexibility to discover and implement creative ministries.


We transform passive observers into confident participants in ministry by supporting opportunities of responsibility and leadership.

Biblically Driven

We submit to Scripture to define our purpose, values, attitudes, and actions.

Authentic Vulnerability

We embody Christ’s incarnational authenticity by embracing imperfection and cultivating redemption.

Excellence and Integrity

We strive toward excellence, never compromising our integrity, making sure we consistently work hard to do our job and hold each other accountable.

Collaborative Leadership

We work together toward a common goal, valuing each person’s contribution by celebrating our unique gifts and extending grace to one another.