Andre Shaw


Andre has served as a campus minister since 2016 and is currently an intern with Campus One80 at Brockport College, New York. His vision and focus is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are lost and spiritually dead through relational ministry on the Brockport College campus. Andre’s ministry experience began when he was seven and played the drums at his dad’s church. When he was 15, he began serving in children’s ministry, working with kids ages 8 through 12. After he turned 18, he attended a different church where he also played the drums and worked with children. During college, Andre found Campus One80. In addition to that, he also serves at his new church home, Harvest Bible Chapel in Rochester, where he plays the drums, serves in children’s ministry and is on the prayer team.

Andre became a Christian at his dad’s church when he was younger, after hearing he could be forgiven by accepting Christ. Since he was a kid, he believed God was calling him to work in the church. His dad was his pastor at the time, so he too wanted to be a pastor someday. When Andre decided to join Campus One80, he was beginning his junior year at Brockport College and wasn’t sure what career path to take. People had always told him to do what he was passionate about, which he eventually realized was pouring into people’s lives through ministry.

Andre grew up in a Christian home and his dad was the pastor of their church.