Andrew Lawrence


Andrew serves as an intern with Campus One80 at SUNY Brockport in New York. While there, he has been actively involved as both a student participant and leader. His involvement with Campus One80 has led him to more leadership opportunities in the community and he now oversees the Outreach Table on Tuesdays, and leads a small group and a Bible study. Andrew’s ministry focus as an intern is to dedicate more time to discipling other students and furthering campus outreach.

Andrew was brought up in a home that believed in God but wasn’t active in faith. Andrew had a knowledge of God, but didn’t really know God until he went to college. During his freshman year, his grandparents challenged him with the possibility that Christ could save him and Andrew took a step out in faith during an alter call at his grandparents’ church. After this step of faith, he encountered spiritual warfare and struggled in his faith for two years. He attended two different men’s Bible studies in an attempt to maintain a walk with the Lord, but still felt pulled towards worldly things. In 2014, at a student leadership training conference, Andrew recommitted his life to fully walk with the Lord. Two months later, Andrew made a public declaration of faith in Christ and was baptized. Since then, Andrew’s faith has grown and he has become a leader at Campus Campus One80, and leads bible studies, small groups, and outreach tables. He has aided in the Father’s Heart City of Rochester Outreach Ministry and is currently disciplining an individual.

Andrew is the oldest of three and has a younger brother and sister and has a heart to bring his family closer to the Lord. He has been blessed by his grandparent’s spiritual influence in his walk with the Lord, having one grandfather who was an administrative pastor at Lakeshore Community Church in Rochester. Andrew has completed a bachelor degree in Business Administration at SUNY Brockport.