Campus One80 Coffee


Coffee is a staple of Campus Ministry. In fact we go through so much of it we want to start our own signature line of coffee and open up coffee shops all over the nation. This is the first step of a thousand miles. Each bag of coffee supports a missionary on staff with Campus One80, as well as supporting farmers in other countries. Campus One80 will be partnering with local roasters like Joe Bean. To learn more about our ethically sourced and locally roasted coffee, click Read More below. To purchase, just scroll a bit further 🙂

There are two options for purchasing coffee; single order or subscription. So feel free to grab a single bag, try it out, and when you decide you need some more, come back and sign up to get it delivered directly to your door every month. How cool is that? You can make a difference in students’ lives and enjoy fresh, sustainably sourced coffee at the same time!

All orders are processed on a monthly basis, so fresh coffee is shipped out at the beginning of the month. That means if you order halfway through one month, you can expect it the first week of the following month.