Daniel Pace

campus minister

Daniel has been in college ministry since 2013. Between the both of them, he and his wife, Stephanie, have worked at three different campuses together and currently direct ministry at Linn-Benton Community College. Daniel has been a Christian his whole life and has wanted to be a missionary since he was
eight. When he was 13 he began trying to challenge himself and other believers to understand Scripture better.

Upon meeting Stephanie who had been involved with campus ministry for a couple months, Daniel started raising support in Georgia before taking a leap of faith and moving to Oregon with what he could fit in a two door Chevy Cobalt. Having seen first hand how many of his friends stopped attending church and how faith tends to take a back seat for many after graduating high school.

Daniel has since felt a strong call to build communities that young adults want to be part of, where they meet Jesus and invite others along for the journey. He is passionate about reaching out to the increasing number of young adults who have no natural communities or support systems in their lives, and helping them get connected to a place where they are loved and can develop skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Since getting married in 2015, Daniel and Stephanie have had three boys. Both of them seek to work together to set an example for believers and use their talents to show Christ’s love further God’s Kingdom.