Fall Conference

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Fall Conference


What started out as another normal year quickly devolved into something out of a Stephen King novel. Wildfires, plagues, social unrest…it’s been a bit of a mess. But did any of this catch God off guard? Where has he been? What’s his plan? Join us in October as we wrestle with these questions and seek to understand how God can take the most broken things and turn them into something unspeakably beautiful. Redeeming 2020: Restoring Faith in God’s perfect vision.

Dawn Sanders

Dawn Sanders has been preaching and teaching at churches, retreats and universities all over the United States about the love of Jesus Christ for over twenty years. Dawn began speaking and teaching on social justice, specifically, diversity and inclusion in 2006. Dawn worked in campus ministry for a few years in the area of social justice, especially in the area of diversity and inclusion. She was brought up in a home where her parents created an atmosphere where their cultural identities and religious beliefs were nurtured and practiced. Her life experiences, along with the strong foundation her parents laid, exposed Dawn to many different situations and taught her how to move seamlessly from one to another while still having a strong African American Christian identity. Dawn brings an exciting and challenging perspective to this conference.

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Joe Shea

Joe Shea is legendary. He is a storyteller who sees the gospel in everything and weaves it into every conversation. When you leave Joe’s presence, you can’t help feeling in awe of how loved and understood he made you feel. Joe will be sharing about how to extend that type of love to others in a polarizing environment that is our world right now. Listen and learn from a man who seeks to love people well while holding strong to personal and biblical convictions.

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Conference Schedule

Friday (Northeast EST)

7-9pm // Worship + Session 1
9pm // After Hours Games

Friday (Northwest PST)

4-7pm // Worship + Session 1
7pm // After Hours Games

Saturday (Northeast EST)

11-11:30am // Devo Discussions
12-1:30pm // Electives
1:30-6pm // Free Time
2-3pm // Online Games
6-7pm // Worship + Session 2
7-7:45pm // Breakout Rooms
8pm // After Hours Games

Saturday (Northwest PST)

8-8:30am // Devo Discussions
9-10:30am // Electives
10:30am-3pm // Free Time
11am-12pm // Online Games
3-4pm // Worship + Session 2
4-4:45pm // Breakout Rooms
5pm // After Hours Games