Greg Goupil


Greg grew up in a Christian household and was saved when he was twelve years old. He felt overwhelmed by the weight of his sin and couldn’t see how God could love him when he had shown this same God nothing but ignorance and disrespect. Despite this, Greg gave his life to the Lord that day. Nothing really changed for Greg after that, until two years later when he began attending a church that his family went to when he was much younger. There he found friends in the youth group who introduced him to his first position in Christian ministry as a camp counselor for Hickory Hill. Greg realized the joy of serving the Lord there and took a vow to live his life for Him.

Greg began attending MCC as a student in 2017 with a major in Biology. In the beginning of his second semester he met another student who was connected to Campus One80, and she told him that he should come to their meetings. He started going every Wednesday night. That was his last semester as a student, but he kept attending the Wednesday night meetings. As he took time off from school, Greg listened to God and what direction He was telling him to go in. After a lot of thinking and praying, Greg realized that the only thing that mattered to him was serving the Lord, and he was filled with a passion for Christian ministry. His life’s goal is to serve the Lord as much as he possibly can and in any way he possibly can.

Right now Greg is taking time off of school and trying to plug himself into as many ministry positions that he can in order to determine what he is most passionate about. This is his fourth ongoing ministry and he is working on starting a fifth at his church.  He is extremely excited to work with Campus One80 and is very hopeful of his future as a servant of the Lord and an intern at the MCC campus.