Marleese Patterson


Marleese began serving as a campus ministry intern in June 2017 at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. She transferred to SUNY Brockport in August 2018 and graduated in 2020. She has now returned to Monroe Community College, where she leads a team to plan events, build community, and mentor individual students to help them grow closer to Jesus. She also enjoys using media to help many more people discover Campus One80.

Marleese was born to Christian parents. She grew up hearing the gospel and was heavily involved in the church. Having always believed in Jesus, she decided at age 14 to commit her life to Him.

When she began college, Marleese first got involved with campus ministry somewhat reluctantly, but she quickly found that she loved the community it provided. Throughout her teenage years, she felt God was calling her to be a missionary. It wasn’t until her second year of college, with the help of a friend, that she realized the mission God was currently calling her to was right in front of her on local college campuses. Throughout college, she constantly wished she had more time to devote to ministry, so after graduation it seemed like going into full-time ministry was the natural thing for her to do.

Marleese lives in Rochester with two roommates and an excessive number of houseplants. She finds community among her roommates, her coworkers, and her church family.