Mike Mordenga

Campus Minister

Michael has served as a campus minister since 2015. He is currently serving with Campus One80 in Rochester, New York.

Michael did not know Christ and His real friendship until his first year of high school. Before that, he did not understand why his parents even went to church. When he was introduced to a youth group ministry at a local church, he was welcomed warmly by two youth leaders. They shared their friendship and the Gospel with him. It was at youth group that Michael saw how amazing it was that Jesus forgives sins, and he wanted to be part of that.

After personally experiencing how ministry can change lives, he wanted to be in the ministry. After going to Houghton College to get a BA in Education Ministries/Bible and after two youth director jobs in the church, he joined campus ministry.

Michael is one of four siblings: a younger sister and brother, Elizabeth and Nathan, and an older sister, Andrea. His parents are currently running a gymnastics gym called The Victors Gym.

Michael and Lynn-Li were married on October 3, 2015.