Nicole Kendall


Nicole’s mom taught her about Jesus for as long as she can remember, and Nicole told her she wanted to ask Him into her heart when she was 5. At that point, she had no idea what that meant and the plans that God had for her life. As she got older, she found herself being drawn to God but always seemed to drift away after some time. Nicole’s young adult life started out pretty rough. She chose the wrong people to hang around with and put Jesus on the back burner. Even though she believed in Jesus since she was a kid, she didn’t surrender her life to serving Him until she was almost 21. She had lived the life that she thought she wanted regardless of what she knew God wanted, and it ended up leaving Nicole empty and honestly (in her words) a complete wreck.

At first she didn’t think the Lord could forgive someone like her who had trampled on His grace and someone who called herself a Christ follower, yet acted the opposite. She finally asked God to give her a new heart because hers had gotten so dark and hard and she knew He was her only hope. Nicole finally understood that God’s grace is a gift and that she couldn’t earn it, which is when she finally felt “born again”–literally like a new being with new thoughts and a new lasting hope. Ever since that day, her life has been completely different and she now knows that her purpose is to live for Christ and spread His truth and love to all those around her. 

Nicole feels drawn to young adults and older youth and would love to have them see how important it is to have Jesus in their daily lives. She wants to help them realize through her example that it’s not just about being able to go to heaven, but that we have a purpose here and now.

Nicole got involved with Campus One80 in 2021 and has loved being able to spread the love of Christ to those on campus. She excels in inviting people to ministry Bible studies and events and demonstrates natural leadership in whatever she does.