Nora Doura


Nora grew up in Brooklyn N.Y in a Haitian Household. Nora found herself knowing God, but never experiencing him as a Father. Growing up, she struggled with feelings of inadequacy; consistently being irresponsible and extremely forgetful. It was hard for her to believe she could ever change. In January of 2018, she finally had enough of the struggle and prayed to God. It was the first time she had ever prayed with a sincere and yearning heart to know God intimately. She didn’t want to do life alone anymore. The feeling of being lost and without guidance brought her to a place of surrender. That day in her dorm room she cried out for God and made the decision to enter into an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ as her Lord, Savior, and Friend. The following year she was baptized at Campus One80’s Remedy spring retreat.

Nora is currently at SUNY Oswego working on loan with BASIC to reach students for Christ and finish her BA degree in communication, Media, and Arts. As a worship leader, Nora is
passionate about pursuing the heart of God during worship and finding new ways to lead people in authentic worship. Nora is excited to continue meeting college students where they’re at with
the Gospel as well as teaching how to break the stereotypes associated with being a Christian.