Parker Colella


Since coming to Christ in the summer of 2021, Parker has sought after many opportunities in order to better serve Christ. In the spring of 2022, Parker was introduced to Campus One80 through Marleese Patterson and Lexi Bolding. In the winter of 2022/23, Parker was approached by Marleese and Lexi to become a student staff member of Campus One80, and Parker decisively started the process of joining the ministry.

Parker is a very inclusive person who wishes to see everyone walk with Christ. Although Parker recognizes this to be an incredibly difficult task, his mission is to bring people together by challenging peoples’ false perceptions about one another. His first and foremost desire in life is to help people be happy with who they are and the situations they find themselves in.

Although Parker has already been a part of the One80 family for over a year, he looks forward to becoming a leader who can help those who call on him.

In the summer of 2022, Parker began to work at a camp that he now calls home, Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, where he routinely works with an older crowd that has a variety of disabilities. He looks forward to not only growing as a person and as a believer in our Lord through Campus One80, but through Delta Lake as well.

“Campus One80 is a place for me to grow into the faithful and loving Christian I wish to become.”