Rome NY // 2020

Training for your mind, treatment for your heart.


About the event

Remedy is a six day leadership training conference that is designed to equip college students in various ministry skills so they can take back what they learn to their local college campuses. But Remedy is much more than just ministry training.

This is a time to get away and learn more about God’s heart. A time to be encouraged, explore difficult topics and questions regarding faith and spirituality, be surrounded by a loving community of people, and have the wounds of your heart treated. 


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Lara Capuano is a story-teller.  Whether it’s blogging, sharing her heart with her small group, or talking with strangers over coffee, her honesty, insightfulness and wit communicate deep truths that anyone could understand and relate to.  She is now bringing theological truths, inspiring life stories and humor to conferences, camps, retreats, corporate training, schools, and churches. 

Lara shares stories about raising adopted kids and navigating “open” adoptions.  She speaks from personal experience about tragedy and life after loss. Her story is the story of God redeeming yesterday and today’s junk into tomorrow’s beauty.


Attendees will choose one elective for each day. Electives run for an hour and fifteen minutes and address a variety of ministry and life topics.

In Spirit and In Truth

What’s the key to a fulfilling relationship with God??? It’s worship! And I’m not talking about music. I’m talking about heart. Come, lets talk about what does it actually mean to worship God and how we can do that in our everyday lives.


Ethical Systems as an Evangelistic Tool

Are you in ethical egoist or a utilitarian? Are you a relativist or an emotive? How can understanding various ethical systems and worldviews be an effective apologetic and evangelistic tool? In this class we will examine how worldviews, beliefs and ethical systems when put to the test either fall apart or point to the person of Jesus and a virtue based ethical system. Intrigued? Then you need to take this intriguing elective!



Do we pray enough? How do we pray? Are they really heard? So many questions, let’s talk about it together!

Where To Draw the Line

Boundaries are tricky and there are so many different types. Sometimes it’s hard to realize the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries. In this elective we will dive into what are healthy and unhealthy boundaries and talk about different ways we can have more healthy ones.


How To Not Get Fired

An elective that teaches the importance of getting things done correctly, on time, and with great care. Job integrity as a spiritual discipline


Hello! My Name Is…

We all have a name and go by several others. For example my name is Andrew, but it is also brother, son, and friend. In this elective we will explore some of the names of God, where they show up, and how the can affect and improve our faith.


Dealing with “Contradictions in the Bible”

As we interact throughout our lives with family, fellow students, co-workers, and other acquaintances we will come across many who aren’t interested in Christianity because of “contradictions” they have heard about the Bible or Christianity in general. We will look closer at some of the popular contradictions that college students often bring up. In this class will explore a healthy balance between apologetics and relational evangelism.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

An introduction to hermeneutics (interpretation) and reading of the literature of the Bible.


Don’t Stress Me Out

Everyone experiences stress. However, not everyone handles it the same. Stress can be debilitating, but it can also make us stronger as we learn to manage stress in a way that is healthy and appropriate. If you struggle with stress, this elective is for you!


Timing is Everything

Why did the Lord come when he did? Let’s dig in and try to figure it out, it’s fascinating!


To share, or not to share…

We hear that vulnerability is a key part of building relationships but what does it actually look like? We will identify the differences between authentic and strategic vulnerability and learn how God wants us to use vulnerability in everyday life.

Better Together

We talk a lot about community, but what is community? Is it really that important, and if so, why? Together we’ll find out, and then figure out how we can build community and participate in it


Single Survival

There is a TON of pressure to be in a relationship when you’re single. TV has idealized romantic encounters, couples are surrounding you in PDA and you crave for your crush to to notice you. That’s when the loneliness settles in…but you’r not alone, even when you’re single! Learn to live AND love your life in your singleness with tips and a whole lot of the Word.


Tech 101

Do you want to serve the church but hate children? There are more ways to serve than to be in children’s ministry. Join Daniel as he teaches the basics of Pro-Presenter, Sound Engineering, and managing technology during worship… no hating children required.

- Workshops -

Sharing Your Faith
The idea of evangelism is often intimidating, misunderstood and poorly modeled today. Join this workshop if you want to have a whole new and encouraging perspective on how natural it should be to share our faith in love. As Christians we need to be strategic in all that we do, say, and pray. Come ready to be challenged and empowered to let Christ's light shine bright in your life.
Organizing Ministry
Discover how your efforts can be multiplied through planning and involving other to get the job done. This is a valuable time to help those good intentions materialize.
Leading Small Groups
God does so much in small groups where people gather regularly to study, learn, share and pray together. Learn how to get your group going and keep it strong.
Social Justice
Learn the facts, discuss the challenges, and discover a Bible-based approach to dealing with oppression and injustice.

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I really loved the fact that all the insights I had missed in the previous year was delivered right on the spot in the various shows and by the professional speakers.
Paul Dean
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