Sarah Carbone


Sarah accepted Christ at a young age and grew up in the church, attending private Christian schools all her life. In her own words, she lived in a safe, Christian bubble and didn’t talk with many people outside of church and school. After graduating high school, Sarah started attending Monroe Community College and expected to just go through her day there doing what she needed to do without having to interact with the different people around her. This changed, however, when she was introduced to Campus One80. She immediately began attending anything her schedule would allow, and the more involved she became, the more she came to love everything about the ministry.  

Sarah has been pushed in many ways to grow not only in her faith, but also her character through her time in Campus One80. Before joining the ministry, she was a reserved person who wanted to keep to herself. The longer she has been with the ministry, however, the more she has had to step out and talk with new students that she would likely never have interacted with in the past in order to develop relationships with them and share her faith.

Sarah began interning with Campus One80 in the fall of 2018. She is excited to see what God will do in the lives of the people she ministers to on a daily basis and can’t wait to watch God grow and shape them into who He wants them to be.