Stephanie Pace

campus minister

Stephanie has worked in college ministry since 2013. She was recruited at Chemeketa Community College with Campus Ambassadors and interned there, Oregon State University, and Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC). Which is where she and her husband Daniel direct the ministry.

She first had a desire to be a missionary when she was five years old. She thought initially that would be Africa, but God had other plans. She went to Chemeketa Community College and connected with a college minister her second year. They had a conversation about joining the group and she was hesitant, due to being committed to serving in other areas of the community. She ended up meeting with him and knew that God wanted her to take part of the mission to the campus. She then was offered an internship at OSU and knew that God was changing her direction. After a year she had a longing to go back and serve at a Community College. She and her soon-to-be husband were placed at LBCC to direct the ministry. She and Daniel have three beautiful boys. They both love working together and try to live out the Gospel in their marriage, family, and individual lives to set an example for the students in hopes that some may want to make Jesus Lord of their lives.