Steven Carbone


Steven was raised in a Christian family and gave his heart to Jesus at a very young age. He attended a small Christian school from kindergarten until twelfth grade, and was constantly challenged in his faith. In high school, Steven questioned whether he actually believed what he said he believed. Through this experience, he faced many trials in his personal life. During a worship service at his school, Steven experienced what he describes as a divine encounter with God. Since then, he has been working to form his beliefs around Scripture and his own time with God.

Steven graduated high school in 2019 and started taking classes at Monroe Community College the same fall. He was introduced to Campus One80 through his sister, Sarah, who was already heavily involved. At the end of the fall 2019 semester, Steven was asked to join the leadership team, where he would remain until the fall of 2021 after which he would take the next step and join Campus One80 staff as an Intern. Currently, he works at Monroe Community College as a co-leader of the worship team, helps lead Bible studies, and mentors other students.