Caleb Fisher


Caleb grew up in a Christian home attending church services every Sunday. Though this was the case, he never cared for church and paid no attention to the services. This was true all throughout high school, when he began attending Christian summer camps. He openly shares he went only for the fun and games. That was until Junior year, when he attended a Younglife camp at Lake Champion. There he heard the true Gospel for the first time and began questioning if there was something to it.

Over the next year, he tried to change and overcome his hidden sinful lifestyle by his own strength, with no success. This was true until his senior year, the summer before college, where he truly heard the Gospel and his heart was changed. On the last day of camp, he stood up before the camp during a “say so” and declared “My name is Caleb Fisher and I gave my life to Christ this week.”

Since then, he has been growing in his faith and knowledge of God in the Scriptures. He attends a church in Brockport, New York, where he serves in ministries at all levels. He helps teach the young students during Sunday morning service, older students on Sunday evenings, and college Bible studies on Friday nights.

Through these service opportunities, he has discovered his heart for college ministry and walking with these students in life. He began helping out in Campus One80 and sees it as an opportunity to serve in this way. For this reason, he has set aside schooling for physical therapy to make this ministry of the saints his life’s work.

Caleb has one year left of a Physical Education undergraduate degree and, following that, one year of a Masters in Health Education.