Josh Roselund

campus minister

Josh has always had a heart for serving the kingdom of God using his gifts in leading worship.  Creating a weekly worship night while at college, leading worship at his home church back in Buffalo, as well being the Worship Director at Parkminster Church are a few ways in which Josh has served with this specific gifting.

Josh has felt called to work with the youth of this nation from a young age.  Even when he was in youth group, he saw himself more as a leader trying to help his friends be engaged.  His passion to see young people flourish and grow in a Christian community is why Josh feels that this opportunity is a calling from God

“For me, Campus One80 is a unique opportunity where I can see the visions that God has given me over the past couple of years come into full fruition.”  

Josh is excited to be a part of the team and is ready to reach college students at a crucial stage in their lives.

Josh married his beautiful wife Brianna on August 3, 2019.  They have been relying fully on God for guidance and direction and are confident that God has them here for a purpose.

Josh has a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy with a minor in ministry from Roberts Wesleyan College.