Kayla Matthews


Once Kayla Matthews realized the truth and love of Jesus Christ, she wanted to spread it to everyone. She found the greatest need was in the hearts of young adults and was delighted to discover that Campus One80 existed to meet this need. After her first year at the Monroe Community College campus, she experienced God’s love through the ministry and felt God calling her to become an intern to help future students have the same experience. 

Her favorite part in ministry is being able to address real struggles that students go through by using the truth of God’s word and be a living example of it. Being able to share practical ways with students on how to overcome temptations of this world, strengthen their personal relationships with God, or to see Him in their everyday lives gets her excited to plan bible studies or retreats for them. She enjoys not only helping them learn from the Lord, but to grow in her life along with them.

Raised in a Christ-based home, Kayla was brought up to know His love. However, it was not until high school that she became fully aware of His love for her and she personally accepted Jesus Christ into her life.  Although, after this decision, her relationship with him that did not seem to grow much until she went to college. During a campus ministry retreat worship service, Kayla experienced God in a way that she never had before, and His presence hasn’t left her life since. She plans to grow, serve, and live the rest of her life for Christ.