Miranda Garino

Campus Minister

Miranda has served as a campus minister first under Campus Ambassadors and now with Campus One80 since 2011. She began as a student intern and then went on to direct a student house near the college. She currently directs the ministry as The College at Brockkport, where she was involved as a student. As director she helps student learn life skills and understand the importance of God in their everyday lives. Her goal is to build lasting connections with students by showing God’s love and compassion to non-believers and encouraging believers to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

When Miranda was young, her friends invited her to a church youth group where she learned that God had a plan for her life and she didn’t have to do everything on her own. She specifically connected with Psalms 16: 5-7, which helped her understand that God is in control. Miranda became a Christian during her second year of high school.

In the summer of 2012, Miranda’s world was shaken after the loss of a close friend. God used her campus ministry family to encourage her to have faith and trust Him during that difficult time. Now, with her degree in social work and a renewed commitment to missions, she works to create similar family communities on campus to help college students through the trials life can bring.

Miranda and Walter were married on August 5, 2017 and are excited about what God has for them. Walter sees the importance of Miranda’s ministry and encourages her commitment so seeing college students enter into a relationship with Christ.